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Deacon Boy Music & Cord J Music Proudly Presents Artist/Producer “Cord J” Single 911

Cord J was a premature baby born 2 months early in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, TX. Once delivered he died and was life-flight to Herman Memorial Hospital where he was brought back to life. He was known as a “miracle baby”. Since the age of 3 Cord has been singing and his mother knew that he was special. She would take him many places as a child to sing. People begin to recognize his gift and would ask for him to sing at their churches. When Cord was 15 he featured as the lead role (Malcolm) in a gospel stage play titled “May The Works I’ve Done Speak for Me”. Around the age of 16 Cord mom took sick. He witnessed many strokes and seizures from her. He would sing to her sometimes and see how it would make her feel better, and it was then he realized that he wanted to pursue singing as a profession. He has always had a passion for people and his goal is to create inspirational music to help people get through their pain, struggles, sickness, etc… just as he was able to help his mom feel better. Cord would write songs about his life and when he was 18 he recorded his first song title “Castaway”. Since then he has been singing with his gospel group SOS (Sounds of Salvation) as well as performing songs off his soon to come album. Cord is on a mission to Make God Famous, so stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

911 by Artist "Cord J" Deacon Boy Music & Cord J Music's First Solo Release

Mediocrity by Artist "Cord J" Deacon Boy Music & Cord J Music Second Solo Release

Worth_It_MASTERED by Artist "Cord J" Deacon Boy Music & Cord J Music Third Solo Release

Meet Deacon Boy Music Founder & Artist Wesley Johnson

Meet the Founder

Wesley Lamar Johnson is a Veteran Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps, who has been writing rap, hip hop, and R&B music off and on since he was 13. While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he was noticed by his command and locals out in town for managing, marketing, promoting, and getting his artists recognized as artists on the Island. Today, he looks to continue this success and more. For years as an artists, his music has won honor badges on Song of the Year and UniSong. His song Masterpiece gave him a publishing contract with Diana Williamson Music in Los Angeles.


Who are we?

We’re an independent company providing a platform for inspirational artists with great music, lyrics, and love to encourage people. Deacon Boy Music is also a publishing platform for songwriters who are wanting to pitch their music to professional and famous artists who are looking for new and great lyrics and music (Producers are welcomed). We currently are working with other platforms to help our artists, songwriters, and producers reach their full potential and success.

Our Achievements

Deacon Boy Music is a new music platform launching August 20, 2017 and looking to help every artists, songwriters, and producers achieve success. We will update Cord J success through us here on our Deacon Boy Music page as it happens with us. Our first artist Cord J, is a phenomenal artist so please support his music here. We prayerfully know Cord J will be successful and reach his goal to be famous through our Deacon Boy Music platform that launches artists out to fans across the world. If you’re looking to support, work, intern, or volunteer with us, please contact Wesley Johnson at the e-mail below.

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